Partnership aims to boost Detroit's stake in mobility

If Michigan wants to be a leader in the mobility field widely expected to envelop the automotive industry, it needs Detroit to produce the right kind of professionals.

That's according to Chris Thomas and Jessica Robinson, co-founders of the Detroit Mobility Lab, and two creators of the Michigan Mobility Institute they say is aimed at educating and growing a network of professionals ready to work in the mobility field.

"There is no reason why Detroit can't be a major player when it comes to the origination of this mobility talent," said Thomas, a long-time investor in the mobility space and a partner at Fontinalis Partners LLC, the venture capital firm co-founded by Bill Ford Jr. "We believe that this needs to be located in the city of Detroit, full stop."

"Mobility" is a catch-all term encompassing electric and autonomous vehicles and other new modes of urban transportation like bike-sharing, ride-hailing or car-sharing programs, along with buses and trains.


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