Meet Myla 2.0, the latest vision for our self-driving May Shuttle

Ever considered reserving a self-driving “car-ference room” to host your business meeting on the road? How about getting picked up in a “cafe on wheels” to eat lunch while admiring views of the city? We think you should, and we’re working toward making it possible.

2018 was a busy year for our team at May Mobility as we became the first company to launch commercial deployments of self-driving vehicles in the market. In the months leading up to launching May Shuttles in Detroit, Michigan and Columbus, Ohio, we worked relentlessly to ensure the safety, reliability, and performance of our self-driving technology. Since launching, the May Shuttles have also become a valuable platform for us to learn from hundreds of riders every day about their perspectives, preferences, and needs in self-driving vehicles. In our six months of service in 2018, we gave over 30,000 rides to a diverse group of riders and gathered plenty of insights to shape our vision of how we’d like people to experience autonomous vehicles in the future.

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