Detroit auto show looks to cast new light in move to June in 2020

Detroit will play much larger role in the North American International Auto Show in 2020. Organizers confirmed the show will move from January to June 8 that year, a move that will transform the look and feel of the auto show as well take portions of the show out of Cobo Center and into the city.

The decision was propelled by a need for automakers and suppliers to showcase new technologies, such as autonomous cars, crash-avoidance systems and ride-sharing applications, that are better when experienced instead of seen in static displays, said Rod Alberts, executive director of the show and president of the Detroit Auto Dealers Association, which puts on the show.

"When we talk with stakeholders, they see a change in the industry; the way automation is changing how they engage with customers," Alberts said. "This allows us to take advantage of that trend and of Detroit ... show Detroit in a light that most people round the world don't see — just how beautiful Detroit is in June."


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