Cadillac to add hands-free Super Cruise system to all cars starting in 2020After that, other GM-owned vehicles will get it

GM’s stinginess with its excellent hands-free Super Cruise advanced driver assist system is nearing an end. Today, the premium brand announced plans to roll out the semi-autonomous feature to all its cars starting in 2020, after which point, it will start appearing in other GM-owned vehicles as well.

When it first debuted in the Cadillac CT6 last year, Super Cruise drew immediate comparisons to Tesla’s Autopilot system. It uses LIDAR, cameras, sensors, and mapping data to allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel while driving on divided highways, but it has an infrared camera on the steering column to make sure eyes stay on the road.

A more comprehensive driver assistance system than those offered by the likes of Nissan and Volvo, Super Cruise was Cadillac’s way of breaking out of old stereotypes and introducing the brand to new customers.


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