Startup Spotlight: SEEVA

Imagine how much easier a snow-plow driver’s life would be if they could defrost their windshields in seconds instead of minutes. That is what SEEVA Technologies is doing for truck fleets thanks to its rapid defrost technology, just one of its “visibility for mobility” products.

SEEVA Technologies is a partnership between longtime automotive innovator Jere Lansinger and his tech-savvy daughter, Diane. Since 2016, the duo has launched a portfolio of innovations for connected and autonomous vehicles, allowing premier automotive OEMs use its visibility technologies to heat and apply washer fluid quickly and safety across other areas, including front and rearview camera, sensors and other autonomous vehicles advance driver assistance hardware.

SEEVA Technology’s defrosting product can take a vehicle sitting overnight in zero degrees and defrost the front windshield in less than a minute. Once that same car is at full operating temperature, it can de-ice the windshield in five seconds or less. Jere Lansinger joined the TechStars program as the oldest founder at age 78, and the company will split its offices between Seattle, where Diane is based, and Michigan, where SEEVA Technologies will have its manufacturing and production offices. Having a presence at the North American International Auto Show is exciting because SEEVA Technologies wants to take the company to the next level, and partnerships within Motor City is a natural way to make that growth happen.

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