Startup Spotlight: DERQ

This post is part of the Driven Startup Ecosystem Spotlight series.

Safety is one of the key factors in the success of connected and autonomous vehicles, and DERQ hopes to be in a position to help protect drivers across the globe. DERQ, a Dubai-based company, develops software applications to predict and prevent automotive accidents using artificial intelligence. DERQ comes out of patented technology that Dr. Georges Aoude, co-founder and chief executive officer, developed while at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is already in use in Dubai, and Aoude believes it can benefit today’s drivers as well as tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles. DERQ joined TechStars to learn more about the mobility space, gain proximity to OEMs and Tier Ones as well as to have a presence in the North American International Auto Show. Aoude said he feels state officials as well as the Michigan Department of Transportation have welcomed DERQ with open arms, making it an ideal spot for DERQ to scale up with new partnerships. DERQ is especially interested in being close to the development of autonomous technology, giving DERQ access to every kind of company from startups to the Big Three.

“We want to find our role within this ecosystem,” Aoude said. “Detroit is becoming the mobility city, and we wanted a presence here.”

DERQ recently took up residence at the PlanetM Landing Zone, a coworking space allowing startups and businesses to connect, share, collaborate and drive innovation in next-generation mobility in downtown Detroit.

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