Techstars Mobility companies present eye-opening view into mobility solutions

Mobility companies face many challenges the industry looks to change the way people, products and services move. That is where a group of innovative startups united through the Techstars Mobility accelerator program come in.


These recent program graduates are providing solutions and investment potential through new ideas for efficiency, data collection and improving safety.


The 2018 class of Techstars Mobility accelerator presented an eye-opening view into their mobility solutions during Demo Day. The event, which took place Oct. 9 inside the Detroit Institute of Art’s film theater, brought the 11 participating companies before an audience of business partners, community members and potential investors. Demo Day was part of Detroit’s Mobility Week celebration, highlighting the companies that are changing the way the world sees transportation.


Founders and CEOs of the 11 Techstars Mobility companies presented their work alongside the mentors and partners that helped them develop their ideas during the accelerator program. The event’s mood was electric as presenters from around the world talked about their Detroit experiences, announced new partnerships and highlighted their dreams for bringing new products and business models to market locally, nationally and internationally.


Demo Day included presentations from TechStars Mobility companies Aerotronic, Autobon, Deephow, Driver, Humanising Autonomy, Itellitire, Lanespotter, Lumos, Priva Mobility, Skyhi Travel and Zohr. Representatives came from London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York and Chicago to share their stories.


Many also made news. Deephow, the first interactive how-to video platform powered by artificial intelligence to accelerate skilled trade learning and training, announced the company is relocating to Detroit because of the Techstars Mobility experience. Founder and CEO Sam Zheng earned a huge round of applause from the audience for his enthusiasm for the Motor City and its impact on Deephow’s rapid growth. Zheng said the $275 billion market for elearning is starting to explode, one reason why Ford Motor Co. is now working with Deephow and its AI Stephanie.


Humanizing Autonomy Founder Maya Pindeus told of how the company’s efforts to improve safety and efficiency in autonomous mobility systems through understanding human behavior and its effect on those system is being recognized across the globe with new partnerships with The Ride in nearby Ann Arbor to Airbus, a European aerospace corporation.


And Zohr showed its growth potential with demonstrations of its mobile tire shops, which have been a hit in its hometown of Kansas City, Mo. Presenter Komal Choong said there is a $36 billion replacement tire market, and Detroit will be among the new cities where Zohr’s pilot program will launch next. Zohr hopes to be nationwide within the next few years.

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