University Research CorridorUniting Academic Excellence

The University Research Corridor (URC) is a powerhouse coalition of world-class educational institutions: Wayne State University, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. Formed in October 2006, three associated universities have created one of the nation’s top academic research clusters and a leading engine for innovation for Michigan and the Great Lakes region.


Ranked among the nation’s most respected innovation clusters, the URC spends $60 million annually in automotive-related research and development. It has cultivated 210 startups in a variety of industries, including technology, over the past decade. Moreover, the URC ranks first in talent-composite score, a measurement of the total number of degrees conferred and the total number of high-tech degrees of any peer university innovation cluster.


With its connection to more than 1.2 million graduates worldwide, the URC has a wide-ranging reach to connect with its alumni across the globe. The URC’s faculty, students and staff are open to research projects and academic partnerships to further develop the contributions the URC has already made in its first 10 years. Its capacity to create new technologies, develop new research and advance mobility options is as sizable as its partnership.


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