Smart Belt CoalitionCentered on Research and Development

The Smart Belt Coalition is a regional effort between Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania to establish a dynamic and proactive collaboration between this region for the development of connected and automated vehicles. Its goal is to serve as a high-profile network of jurisdictions, transportation organizations, universities and researchers along urban and rural routes that supports the testing and deployment of the latest in transportation technology.


The Coalition’s mission is to create a way for transportation agencies, academic institutions and others to collaborate on initiatives that will advance connected and autonomous vehicles in the participated partner states. The organizations involved all help to fund the Smart Belt Coalition, and they seek to share the costs and responsibilities associated with advancing projects such as intelligent or connected work zones, truck platooning and traffic-incident management.


The Smart Belt Coalition is open to a variety of members, and these partners can come from a wide array of organizations include federal agencies, state transportation agencies, municipalities, universities and private companies. Ultimately, the hope is to use the Coalition’s collective research and development to make its regional partners worldwide leaders in connected and autonomous vehicles, offer a model for future collaboration and improve safety, mobility and economic development across participating states.


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