MSU Mobility Studio InitiativeSmart Infrastructure

The Michigan State University Mobility Studio is a division within the venerable university’s College of Engineering dedicated to creates an integrated system of controls and communication for connected and autonomous vehicles. Within the Mobility Studio, researchers are working on topics related to smart infrastructure, or connecting real-time conditions for traffic, pedestrians and related conditions as well as traffic and mobility management to promote safety and efficiency within vehicle and pedestrian movement modeling.


The MSU Mobility Studio seeks to help create integrated systems from the ground up to help control connected and autonomous vehicles. For example, creating a network of sensors between connected and autonomous vehicles and infrastructure such as roadbeds and traffic signals will boost safety as well as provide data that will improve traffic flow, reduce fuel consumption and help municipalities improve air quality.


MSU researchers in the Mobility Studio focusing on Connected and Autonomous Networked Vehicles for Active Safety, known as CANVAS, already have more than 100 patents 200,000 Google Scholar citations. Connecting with additional students, adding to its already impressive faculty and creating partnerships with industry leaders, technology companies and like-minded businesses are among the possible relationships the MSU Mobility Studio seeks to make going forward.

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