Kettering University GM Mobility Research CenterTaking Testing Further


Flint is a municipality synonymous with automotive manufacturing, and the new Kettering University GM Mobility Research Center continues that tradition for the next generation. The facility, located on the Kettering campus, is a $4 million investment between the General Motors Foundation and the General Motors Company in conjunction with Kettering University. It includes an outdoor lab space, proving ground and research-and-development facilities with room for corporate partners.


The Mobility Research Center puts Flint, Kettering and its partners at the forefront of autonomous vehicle research and development, safety and technology. Its work also focuses on hybrid and electric vehicle technologies, using its 3.25-acre test pad that performs to race-track specifications. It also is connected to Kettering’s 4G LTE Advanced wireless cellular research network, which operates at 10X the data speed of current cellular networks to allow for testing of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.


The Kettering University GM Mobility Research Center serves as a laboratory for Kettering faculty, students as well as automakers and suppliers. It is open to additional investment and research partners who are interested in developing these new technologies or working with Kettering students and alumni. The state-of-the-art facility positions Michigan along with MCity and American Center for Mobility as a leader in autonomous car research and testing facilities.


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