COMTECConstant Communication

Technology’s power to connect people grows in power when it is used to bring together first responders. A prime example of how residents and businesses benefit from a centralized communication center is COMTEC, or the Macomb County Communications and Technology Center. Completed in December 2013, the 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility is open 24/7 and provides a county-wide emergency operation center that tackles everything from road closures to traffic accidents to emergency events that escalate quickly, like severe weather.


COMTEC brings together four key components of Macomb County’s emergency and communication centers: The Road Department Traffic Operations Center, the Emergency Management & Communications Department, the Information Technology Department and Data Center as well as the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office Centralized Dispatch. Using technology to unite these key automotive and emergency resources, COMTEC helps save money, improve services and elevate safety.


Because these four areas of county operation depend on one another and need to be in constant communication, establishing a station like this is essential to monitor, manage, prevent and respond to any kind of emergency. Its features include a 20’ by 50’ video wall, eight traffic monitoring stations, 25 dispatch stations, a centralized data center, computer lab, training room facility and emergency generator power. Additional resources and organizations interested in participating are welcome to work with COMTEC for future installations and efforts.


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