Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test EnvironmentConnecting the Future

There can be no mistakes when it comes to the safety of connected and autonomous vehicles over the long term. That is where the Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment comes is as the world’s largest real-world deployment of connected vehicles and connected infrastructure. This intensive and unique vehicle test environment serves as a three-year study of how to operate, maintain and upgrade these systems in preparation for everyday use.


The Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment is a $31 million program conceived and funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, a venerated expert in transportation research. Its partners include the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the city of Ann Arbor and industry leaders including Cohda Wireless, Denso, MixonHill, Savari, WSP/Parson Brinckerhoff, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Michigan Department of Transportation. Their collective goal of transitioning from a research mode to operational deployment with 5,000 vehicles on the road by 2018 is happening in real time.


Ultimately, the largest deployment of 45 street locations and 12 freeway sites across the entire 27 square miles of the City of Ann Arbor will provide a wide-ranging assessment of the effectiveness of connected vehicle safety, technology to reduce crashes and the potential of instrumented roadways across cities and the nation. Additional funding opportunities and research investment options are available for public and private entities interested in developing this all-important test environment.


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