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Feature StoryMighty AI at Automobili-D

Startup Spotlight: Mighty AI

Picture driving an autonomous vehicle down the road when an object jumps out in front of it. Is it a tiny squirrel or a lumbering moose? How should your vehicle react? Through the work of Mighty AI, automotive manufacturers and suppliers are helping sensors in their autonomous vehicles better understand the environment around them – and to keep the driver and vehicle safe because of it.

Feature StoryDERQ at Automobili-D

The Detroit region's growing mobility startup ecosystem

It’s no secret that Michigan already is the global epicenter of the automotive industry — 16 original equipment manufacturers have headquarters or a presence here, along with more than 90 of the top 100 North American automotive suppliers and some 2,200 facilities that conduct automotive research, design, engineering, testing and validation.

With additional fuel added by incubators, venture capitalists and other business services, startups from far and wide are coming to the region as it revolutionizes mobility.

Feature Storynh_20180205_1124.jpg

Self-driving security: How Detroit leads the way in automotive cybersecurity

With the rise of connected vehicle technology comes an increased level of vulnerability to security threats. Fortunately, the Detroit region’s automotive cybersecurity industry is growing strong—in numbers, and in proactive defense against attacks.

Feature Story265_Diane Lansinger Headshot copy.jpeg

Mobility Moments Podcast: February 2018Diane Lansinger, CEO and co-founder of SEEVA Technologies, Inc.

Listen to our new Mobility Moments Podcast. Host and project editor Claire Charlton talks with Diane Lansinger, CEO and co-founder of SEEVA Technologies, to learn how heated washer fluid makes autonomous vehicles safer--and what northern Michigan "cold cells" are and how they work.


Oakland County taking steps to retool its mobility workforce

A survey of 50 mobility employers presented challenges to hiring qualified workers. This report is being shared with educational and business groups around the region to help prepare talent for the future of mobility in the Detroit region.


Waymo to convert Chrysler Pacificas into automated taxis

The self-driving cars have been tested in 25 cities in the United States, including Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco and Phoenix.  

Feature StoryGo Drive

Michigan automakers pave way for city of tomorrowConnectivity, ride-sharing and electrification address challenges in dense urban areas

The city of tomorrow, where public, private and shared mobility services are interconnected to more efficiently and sustainably move people and goods, lies years down the road, but Detroit automakers already are paving the way. “It is a time of tremendous change,” said Jessica Robinson, director of City Solutions at Ford Motor Company.

Feature StoryMike Duggan

BabyRide: Detroit's smart lifeline for expectant momsLyft partnership offers free ride-sharing service for low-income pregnant women

Creating a “smart” city for the 21st century requires synchronizing a lot of moving parts. Mobility, one task of this puzzle, has its own complexities — logistics to allow everyone to get to their destination easily, with no one left behind. 

Feature StoryFord Lyft Illustration

Michigan on top in mobility raceAutomated vehicle technology driving Michigan’s innovation economy

Ann Arbor commuters had good reason to celebrate last Thanksgiving as the orange barrels vanished along a lengthy stretch of US-23 that had been snarled for months by construction. What few drivers likely realize is that the massive project is part of a federally funded pilot program meant to create the highway of the future.

Feature StoryMark Hackel NAIAS

Macomb County’s automotive and defense companies seek to grow cybersecurity talent

This year’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), held at Cobo Center in Detroit, is abuzz with a flurry of new technological innovation as automakers and early-stage startups exhibit side-by-side reminiscent of the New York World’s Fair of yesterday. From the show floor to the halls of the revamped AutoMobili-D exhibit, the topic on everyone’s mind is all about the future – and how Detroit will play a role in this brave new world of automated, electrified and shared vehicle deployment.

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Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor region is a destination for mobility, home to research and development for global brands including Toyota and Hyundai. Located here is University of Michigan’s Mcity, a 32-acre test facility that simulates the broad range of ...

Macomb County

Each day, up to 50,000 cars travel on the connected corridors of Macomb County where GM and the U.S. Army field test autonomous vehicles on a regular basis. The county's Communications and Technology Center (COMTEC) serves as the hub of activity ...

Oakland County

Oakland County is a world automotive leader in research and development, with 75 of the top 100 global automotive suppliers having locations here. Suppliers like Valeo, Borg Warner, Denso, Magna and Nexteer are strategically located in Oakland ...


Detroit is the world’s epicenter of mobility and advanced transportation solutions. With a diverse offering of competitive advantages, Detroit is a smart choice for businesses looking to expand, relocate and invest.

Detroit offers a suite of


Southeast Michigan

Southeast Michigan is a united 11-county area that encompasses more than 300 municipalities with rich geographic, human and business assets. Home to more than 300,000 businesses, including 11 Fortune 500 companies, 5.4 million people, and numerous ...